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Technology & IT sector – introduction

This sector started as small section to serve the branches & sectors
Of Teef Najd Group by using the modern technology & updated programs.
As a result of the technology revolution nowadays which become source of business & investment. So the group didn’t hesitate to enter & invest in this vital sector. Now the group owns two big companies in this field as following:
- Chrystal Star Information Technology Com
- Digital Sea Information Technology Com
The two companies containing qualified team work ( Engineers , Technicians , programmers ) to present complete solutions & services in the field of IT , Programming , web marketing , development & strategically programs . All these service helps to develop the work environment by using technology & IT to increase the investment.

That’s why Teef Najd group invested money, efforts & human resources in this field to be always updated & connected with the modern technology & programs all over the world . to get more information about our services & products kindly visit our website:
Digital Sea Information Technology Com