Teef Najd factory For Wooden works

It is an honor and pleasure for Teef Najd factory to present its services in the field of wooden works. The factory gives the real image of Islamic & Saudi heritage in addition to Damascus & Andalusia Heritage and these designs are matching with the modern & European designs. Teef Najd factory seeks to fulfill the customer’s requirements in this field with the best quality according to the international standards.

The factory was established in ………. located in the industrial city of Al Muzahmia Town. Our factory is supplied with modern equipments & machines of cutting & designing of wooden works like wooden decorations, internal doors, external doors, roofing, flooring & kitchens.
. The team work of Teef Najd Factories containing workers, Engineers, designers & production managers are well trained & specialized in the field of wood works & wood painting. It will be a pleasure & honor to visit our factory to get more information about our services & products.